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3 Tricks On How To Make Money Playing Online Poker

1. Wait a full table rotation before posting the BB

This tip is probably debatable by many of the players out there. In my opinion, unless you know what you are doing, this tactic will save you money in the long run by letting you not only get mentally prepared for the game, but also gives you invalable time to evaluate your opponents. The worst thing that can happen is to get dealt a strong hand early and then get caught in a massive raising war between two players you dont know. They could be two maniacs for sure, but what if one of them is a maniac and the other player is super-tight? Most likely, that super tight player is holding the nuts while you are bumbling by with top pair or two pair. Not a good move. So be patient, take notes in the meanwhile and save money in the long run.

2. Turn on your sound, turn down the music

Its no secret that us humans work better using more of our senses, otherwise we wouldnt have been born the way we are. Yes, it may get annoying to hear the dinks, beeps and chip sounds of the game after awhile, but hearing those audible cues are vital to your play. You are much less prone to make mistakes when you can hear and see what people are doing, as opposed to just seeing it. For me, I notice it helps my timing when I am trying to figure out if I am onto a online tell or not, based on the delay during the other persons actions.

3. Show the avatars (people in chairs), but dont stereotype them

This is probably the most debatable tip Im guessing, because if youve turned them off, you probably really dont like the avatars to begin with. And if you do like avatars, well, theyre probably on already. I just want to get my two cents in about this Party Poker tip by saying that even though avatars are computer graphics, its again human nature to easily identify faces. That means we can more easily associate a personality to a face, so it makes it easier to remember how someone is playing when we can attach a face to a playing style.

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