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Have You Heard Of Todd McFarlane?
Born in Calgary, Alberta in Canada on March 16, 1961 Todd McFarlane has had a meteoritic rise to fame and fortune, all thanks to a comic book character. McFarlane has been in the news a lot recently with several new ventures ranging from a new take
Torchwood - The First Ever Doctor Who Spin Off!
Most people in English speaking countries would have heard of Doctor Who, the longest running Sci-Fi series ever, but maybe not so many would know of Doctor Whos new spin-off series entitled Torchwood. So how did Torchwood come to be and what is it
Can I Watch TV Episodes Online?
In a word, yes! You can watch TV episodes online. As with everything like this there is a catch; you can't usually get cable programs, and there are restrictions with country of origin on other programming. Watching TV episodes online can be fun if
Online TV Streaming - Is It Available?
The good news is that online TV streaming is available. All you need are the right tools. It's done via cable or satellite TV, and you can watch your favourite TV programs on the internet at a fraction of the cost it would require to get cable conne
Download TV Series for Free
Just imagine how much money you could save if you had an opportunity to download TV series for free? Probably hundreds and hundreds of dollars, let's do the math, you see, every season of a TV series costs around $30-$50, which means to watch all ep
TV Show Direct Downloads
Can you imagine how much money you could save if you knew how to get TV show direct downloads that would be legal and free? You can do the math yourself, most seasons of popular TV shows cost around $50, which means that's over $100 if you want to w
Horror Movie Reviews - Resident Evil - Extinction and More
Reviews of some horror movies I've watched. Resident Evil: Extinction In this third installment the entire planet has been overrun by zombie creatures, and Milla Jovovich tries to survive in this Mad Max-like world. Several scenes seem "borrowed" fr
Santa Barbara Film Festival Is A Great Place For Hollywood And Independent Films
Do you ever wonder why the best film festivals are all held at really great locations? Its to attract big Hollywood Players and the big money sponsors to the event. Lets face it, if you hold a film festival in an ugly industrial section of a major c
Download Heroes Episodes for Free
Are you looking for a website where you can download episodes of Heroes for Free? If you are, then go to the link at the bottom of this article where you can download every episode. Even all the current episodes Heroes Television Show The television
Movie Review - The Kingdom
Peter Berg has come a long way. Probably best known as an actor for the last 20 years, appearing in numerous films and TV shows (most notably, "Chicago Hope"), he has come into his own as a writer, producer and director on projects such as "Friday N
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Torchwood - The First
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